After Every Release


How can a girl know true love, how can we avoid being victims of a one night stand, and how do we prevent ourselves from heart breaks. It always happens and no matter how we try to detect lust, we fail to see it. But shouldn’t we girls know from every release? Yes there is always a release. I have noticed the one who would stay and the one who didn’t come to stay. But when it happens, the feeling during is the same and the feeling after not the same. Sometimes he loves me more and sometimes the regret is more. Though every release feels great, but the feeling gets me worried. It either brings happiness, or brings him sadness. The release is a revealer. It’s a revealer of true love. True love holds and cuddles immediately after every release. Lust gives some distant, doesn’t care how she feels, and only concerned about himself. And sometimes I wish… I wish there was no such thing, as what we call cum or ejaculation, such thing as to release. I wish he could go on and on, till he could no longer take it. But that’s where the pleasure is for him. Without it he wouldn’t know where he stands. He wouldn’t know if what he feel for me is true. And without it I wouldn’t know how truly he loves me.

…but hey! That’s all in my thoughts, the thought of a young girl who is heartbroken. Whatever the signs he shows after every release, he would always walk out of your life when he wishes.


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