An Angel’s Perspective

A nativity
With great divinity
That of a baby boy
That gives voice to man’s greatest joy
The roofs all covered in snow
I hear the sound of Church bells below
A beautiful tone which made me nod
And reminded me of the voice of God
Choristers tuning out the carol, Silent Night
In perfect harmony their voices rise through the night
Enchanted by the magic of the sweet sound
I listened as if I was spellbound
Melodies from massive orchestras
And echoes from soldiers at their duty areas
From the smallest villages to the largest cities
I saw great and glamorous activities
It is a time to show love
For He is love
It is a time to exchange gifts
For His birth is a gift
The joy of the season
A festivity with a reason
Celebration of a heavenly begotten
And a gift that cannot be forgotten
Unto us is a child whiter than white
One whose face is a shining light
And even the brightest sun
Isn’t as blazing as this Son
The Son who sits at the right hand of God
The only true son of the most high God
The reason we celebrate Christmas
And the reason we say to each other Merry Xmas
Behold! An Angel’s Perspective

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