Between School and Education


Just wondering if my going to school is important and if the level of education I have attained is from my 6-4-4 years spent confined to some square-meter walls. But I just found out that not going to school is the best. Every day you go to school, you decrease in intelligence. The more you look, the less you see. School kills creativity. Schools can’t solve problems, only education can. Creativity is not limited to craft, nor drawing or painting. It also extends to writing, painting with words to express oneself, either in letters or orally.

There’s a difference between living and existing, schooling is about existence and existence all about survival. Education is about living and living about dominance. Going to school is necessary for survival and to dominate requires education. You can stop going to school but education doesn’t stop. Life itself is a teacher, the more we live, the more we learn.

School empowers you based on predetermined curriculum, scheme and outline. Education gives you the freedom to be empowered through any possible means that works for you. With education your creativity knows no bounds. Education recognizes the possibility of individual differences. Education understands that what works for one person, may not work for the other.

There is no need to get confused… because school is important for education. But education from school is only formal and not all formal education becomes relevant to all individual. Education on the other hand can be achieved without going to school.

…Just pondering if it should be school or education.

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