Birthday Inspired Poetry


Birthday lady, you inspire me to write.

I love the way you walk, run and dance,

Invading my mind at day and through the night,

I’m always thinking about your dance.

Let me compare you to a pretender?

You are more decent, cordial and friendly.

And same friendliness I must show this November,

For your love to me has always been sisterly.

How do I love you today? Let me count the ways.

I love your courage, smile and skills.

Thinking of your enough smiles fills my days.

My love for you is like the beautiful Obanliku hills.

Today you rise from gentle bed,

With thoughts of goodness in your head.

You probably eat your jam with lots of bread,

Ready for the day ahead

Many wishes will come with a beep,

And after cake lots of sleep.

Sweet dreams come to you cheap,

As my wishes to you become deep.



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