Common Sense

Sometimes I wish our common sense was counted as the sixth sense. And if so, the eyes for sight, nose for smell, ears for hearing, tongue for taste and skin for touch. What then would be for common sense? The brain I guess.

Missing home made me ponder over the pushing and shoving which respectable people engage in on a Monday morning just to get into a bus. Throwing caution to the winds and not waiting for the bus to stop, they struggle for a spot like dogs over one bitch and as if the fare was free. The so called drivers never think of parking, acting like they are doing the passengers a favour. Sometimes it is not their fault anyway. Those “Agberos” and most especially police men are like bad luck to them; whereas it is just common sense to do things orderly. If everyone decides not to run after a bus, the driver has no option than to stop. The police man needs common sense to know that the bus stop is meant for buses to stop.

Talking about doing things orderly, the khaki boys demand respect but won’t reciprocate same. When they come to a place where people queue up especially in the bank, they drop their common sense in the barrack and pretend there is no such thing as “first come, first served”. Try telling them you know your right and they will tell you overtaking and intimidating civilians is also their birth right. The same civilians they are to protect against internal and external aggression.

No doubt it is called common sense but just like one of my lecturers, “common sense is not common”. Indeed as a sixth sense it is not common in its application. Believe it or not, the brain is the organ responsible for the sixth sense (common sense). It doesn’t matter the level of authority, education or wealth. A big head with no brain is just a load to the neck and bane to the other five senses.

Well! That was my thought this Monday morning, hope you are having a great day?

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