Congratulations to Platoon 2

Since our arrival here, no day passes by without assembling on the parade ground for one drill or the other. Some of us enjoy it and always look forward to the period scheduled for it. A host of others see it as punishment. Many use one illness or the other as an excuse not to get involved.

After the inauguration ceremony, the instructors of the different platoons separated the wheat from the chaff. The wheat to participate in the inter-platoon drill competition and the chaff to sit, watch and cheer their platoons.

Today drill competition was indeed worth participating. Right now it is an atmosphere of celebration in the NYSC permanent camp, Dakingari, Suru Local Government Area of Kebbi State. I am sure members of platoon 2 will be talking about their victory throughout today. Congratulations to them for emerging champion in the drill competition.

Nevertheless, if you are not happy or not in the mood of celebration, you are very very wrong. We are all winners and we should celebrate with those celebrating. The victory of a platoon is the victory of every other platoon. If platoon 2 can do it then the rest platoons can too. We shouldn’t also forget that everything on camp is a competition. It is just a drill and there are other competitions yet to take place. The officials divided us into platoons to help us build our spirit of sportsmanship and challenge us to push beyond our limits and move out of our comfort zones. All we need do is to adopt a praising and loving attitude in order to bask in the success of those who have succeeded.

As a matter of fact, celebrating the success of others, could make us feel a huge surge of positivity and the end result will lead to a greater optimism and strength to strive better in future competitions.

On a final note, congratulations to all the platoons, we all did great and no matter the positions awarded, I am sure the instructors are proud of us all.


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