Dance After Contact


I often stress out trying to find the perfect opening line to say to a girl. But it doesn’t bother me one bit because I still have my way around. Why should I even worry about talking to a girl when I can gain her attention without saying a word? The journey towards most relationships I’ve found myself started with my eyes. I start out by making quality eye contact, hold her gaze and give a warm smile. Maintaining that warm, confident eye contact has never been a problem and has always given me a good start into something great. But last night was a different ball game entirely.

I was in attendance at a friend’s birthday party last night when she walked in. with just my head moving and my body electrocuted to the seat, I watched her right from the moment when she walked in till she had her seat. She was the definition of voluptuous. I had to start with some eye contact, but not for too long. I didn’t go off creepy, just long enough so that she knows I’m looking at her and not the other ladies behind or beside her. From my survey I could tell she loves a well-groomed dude in dark jeans with confidence, who would not thrust into her ass without consent.

I knew I couldn’t be too confident, too dressy, too anything. As a matter of fact I wasn’t the only guy there. I wasn’t also the only one staring at her direction. I was in a testosterone-fueled war-zone of watered-down liquor where only the fittest would survive. I just needed to hookup. The lame pick-up lines aren’t my thing. Still pondering over my next line of action, I got a cue. It was time to go out on the dance floor. With her assets she rocked the stage and had many guys take turns to dance with her. She kept looking towards where I sat. From the look on her face she was calling me out for a dance with her. No doubt my eye contact had paid off once more and established some grounds. With a few dance steps, she could be mine for the night or as long as I want.

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