First Kisses


…Majority of the ladies out there wants the guy to make the first move. But if you come across one who makes you feel as if she wants you more, then she must surely be up to something. You also have to be more careful if you haven’t been in any relationship before. Alright guys, this one isn’t just about Linus!

Linus first kiss was in his final year in high school. It all began when he was preparing for his final exams. It was the first time he would fall in love at first sight. He was in the category of guys who didn’t have the guts to stop a girl they are seeing for the first time to ask them out or do that thing guys call ‘toast’ or ‘chyke’. He just wasn’t good at wooing. “But how would you know if you don’t make any attempt”. Those were always the words from his friends who were all sweet talkers with sugar-coated tongues.

It was Octavia’s first day attending the evening lesson held in Linus’ school. She appeared like a goddess who had missed her way. She looked so different from all the girls Linus had seen that day. Her skin was like that of a baby free from blemish and wrinkles. Her eyes were bright and charming and the way she walked made Linus feel he was in a fashion show. She was without make up but appeared more angelic than the girls Linus see with heavy makeups. He obviously loved what he saw that day and wanted to get close to her. She was a damsel no doubt and Linus noticed he wasn’t the only student attracted to her.

Being a novice at talking to girls he was troubled on what to do next. It was sure going to be a difficult one and he needed to act fast or someone else would reach her heart before him. He was good at writing letters but had never written a love letter before. Linus wrote his first and only love letter because of Octavia.

She had caught him staring at her on many occasions and when she turned He would looked away. After writing the letter he gave it to a friend who was good with using words to convince girls. The friend gave it to her and pointed at him where he was siting as he smiled in fear, but was surprised that she waved and smiled back at him. They still didn’t say a word to each other. The next day Linus also received a letter from Octavia and when He read it, was surprised at its content.

She expressed to Linus how attractive he finds him and how she felt the first day she saw him. This finally gave Linus some guts to approach her and get to know her. He took it upon himself to see her off the day they first talked to each other. From the way they talked and held hands while walking, they sure had no intention of leaving each other that day. It was a long walk as they moved slowly along the dusty road, taking their time and sometimes without saying a word, they just looked at each other with that look that gives an impression that there wouldn’t be any disappointments from any side.

As they came to a point where there was no one around, Octavia stopped, wrapped her arms around Linus and held him tightly with a kind of fondness Linus had never experienced before. It was the hug of the century and Linus obviously wasn’t prepared for it. She held him tightly to herself that he could feel her breasts calling for some breathing space. Before he could say Jack Robinson, her cold lips was already leaning on mine and suddenly he had his senses sharpened with adrenalin.

He had imagined how kissing her lips would be so he didn’t hesitate or wait for her to do any work. He took the lead by moving his tongue into her mouth in search of her own tongue. He could feel the hair on his head prickle and the little guy in between his legs grew big and strong struggling for space in his pants. He could also feel Octavia’s nipple s become hard. It was Linus first kiss but not the first for Octavia. He was having a good time and didn’t want to let go, but Octavia had to stop him.

After the kiss, she laughed and asked if that was all he could do. Knowing that it was Octavia who stopped the fun, he got confused. She kept laughing and asked him to see her off to the bus stop. It was dark already and He had to make sure she boarded a bus safely before turning back home. As they continued their walk, he kept asking why she was laughing, but she continued in her laughter and never said a word.

On getting to the bus stop, she boarded a bus and waved goodbye. It was on a Friday and Linus had to wait in suspense for the rest of the weekend to find out why she started laughing all of a sudden and didn’t say a word until she boarded a bus and only waved goodbye. “Was it the end of our relationship? Perhaps she only wanted to kiss me and that would be the end. What could she had meant by is that all I could do”? Linus had all these going through his head as he returned back home alone. He had started something he wouldn’t want to end after a day. He thought of calling her but remembered he got carried away by her beauty and the moment of kiss that he forgot to ask for her phone number.

Finally it was Monday, and Linus sat close to the window and kept a seat close to his in wait for Octavia’s arrival. Immediately she arrived, He signaled her to come over to the seat he had kept for her but she just smiled passed him and went somewhere else. After the first class, Linus summoned some courage and went to where she sat and asked her what the problem was. This time she whispered something into her friend’s ears and they both laughed aloud attracting the attention of everyone. Then she said to the hearing of everyone, “why won’t I laugh when you don’t even know how to kiss”.

…the bottom line is that Linus got lucky not to have been used and dumped. Yeah! Girls do that too, they just feel like playing with someone they perceive a looser and then walk away. Just saying…

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