God Is Not Deaf

My plan of having a siesta today was interrupted by some “Hallelujah-one-two” microphone check testing that gave my eardrum an intense vibration.

It was unimaginable the number of loudspeakers I saw as I stepped outside my room to have a peek. It was the kind of sound and technical arrangements you would see in a concert.  The sight wasn’t just absurd but obnoxious. It was wickedness at the highest level. Everyone has the freedom to religion, association or worship, but in exercising this freedom we ought not to infringe on the right of others.

These group of people in front of my house, for reasons best known to them, probably because they couldn’t afford a hall, chose to disturb the peace of my neighborhood. Perhaps they thought that holding a crusade in front of my house with such number of loudspeakers would win more souls compared to a hall or church building. As a matter of fact, if I was an unbeliever I wouldn’t answer any alter call from such gathering that disrupts calmness and steals quiet and peaceful siestas.

It could also be that since Mohammed had refused to go to the mountain,  they brought the mountain to Mohammed. And this is obviously the line many have followed. Many denominations rent shops or rooms as center of worship and fail to realize that that people resident in the environment probably wouldn’t need disturbance especially at night after a long stressful day.

Some of these denominations seem to have forgotten what Matthew 6:5-6 says about prayer. Even when Daniel prayed with his windows being open (Daniel 6:10), he didn’t use any public-address system. Also in Acts 2:41, about three thousand souls were converted without the use of a public-address system. Using the public-address system isn’t a wrong thing to do, but let’s understand that making it too loud in an open place or close to peoples home might inconvenience others.

Moreover, the God I know, “Heaven is His throne and the earth His footstool”. So I doubt He won’t hear you when the output of sound is minimal.

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