Heart For Love


Let the heart stay open
To listen and hear
That which it can endear
As it was in Eden

But be careful when you open
For a fiend disguises as friend
And in pain the love may end
Then the heart may never reopen

Let the heart love, not hate
But in loving be wise
And in hate be slow to despise
For it is ignorant of fate

But be careful not to be misled
For the heart you ought to follow
As the mind may lead to hollo
And with the heart you get to wed

Let the heart be at rest
And forget all worries
For worries may cause flurries
But with trust you get the best

Loving may be unconditional
But there are conditions to love
For in your humility as a dove
The heart becomes truly emotional

So be loved and also love
And let affection for another be keen
And to each other treat as king and queen
For a heart of love is gift from above

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