If Walls Could Talk…

What if the wind had a voice, the hills a thunderous vocal, the sky let off its secrets like raindrops, doors never shut and ajar was the point of all treason… what if walls could talk?

Secrets are meant to spill, for rules were made to be broken, if the impossible could happen today what would they say about us? For the things we do in secret wouldn’t be so secret no more… would mother still beam with pride or would your case be that of “how low the mighty hath fallen”. Will father beat his chest with pride or would yours just be another story for the gods, a rendition of hallelujah… a song sung to many times for us to want to search for her original compositor.

Would you be proud of you evolution, for many are the skeletons you buried, heavy is the burden you carry, scary is the life you’re living. Darwin might be dead but as his son… is the future with your genes homo positive?

What if words sputtered from the mouth of the death, what if you were judged today, here and now, what if…just if these walls would talk.



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