Love By Proxy


Seeing the word “proxy” earlier today brought to my mind marriage by proxy. Unintentionally, my thoughts went deeper as I started reflecting on it and wondered how marriage on proxy started. I imagined someone else telling me I do because the woman I want to spend the rest of my life with is unavoidable absent. The other way round, it could be someone else saying I do to my wife instead of me. Come to think of it, what happens to the “you may kiss your bride” part? I haven’t attended a proxy marriage before so I wouldn’t know. Gradually my mind drifted away from marriage by proxy and all I could have myself pondering over were some naughty and ill thoughts about my love life. It wasn’t the thoughts about marriage on proxy anymore. I immediately wished my love life was entirely on proxy. I imagine my girlfriend would always not be around, and would send that her best friend that has been winking at me all these while. I wish my girlfriend could send her friend over to do everything she does as a girlfriend. I wish that the first day she comes would be on a Friday. I hope it would also rain that day. I also pray not to have any visitors that day. Most importantly she shouldn’t be on her period that day. Just like the marriage by proxy, I hope she says yes to every demand I make at night.


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