Making Friends And Having Fun On Camp

An average corper, including me leverages on the opportunity the camp offers to associate with people and make new friends away from home. Such friendship usually leads to something rewarding, and most of the times it leads to regrets, heartaches and headaches as the case may be. The endpoint and grounds for expression of this friendship is mostly in the Mammy market where the female folks lures their male counterparts into sucking them dry and feeding fat on them.

This is no joke, but a serious business. If you must talk to a girl, you must take her to mammy, where she’ll also invite her friends to come and feed on you. Many a times, these friendships starts and end in the camp. Only on rare cases that you would see same friends posted to the same PPA. This is a fact that is making most of our guys want to have their share in any circumstance so as to calm nerves if the contrary happens.

Every moment spent on camp is a period of fun time, as we tend to throw caution into the air. You get to see the married ones remove their wedding ring and hiding it with a view to having some uncensored fun. You’ll also see the youngsters most especially the female folks falling seriously in love with people they barely know. The resultant effect of this in many cases is leaving with them sore tales about their three weeks love-life experience on camp.

On a more serious note, does it mean that we neglect our cautious behavior , virtues and our moral upbringing the moment we are far away from home? Where is the place of decency in our conducts? Can decent Corp members be found amongst us? Of course, by their fruits we have known them.