My Future Started Yesterday

We often call ourselves the leaders of tomorrow, but fail to realize that today was yesterday’s tomorrow. Today is part of yesterday’s future, a future you started yesterday. But how can we be leaders in future if we don’t start leading by examples now.

As youth and as Corp members, we need to see the future as tomorrow. To be in the future of our dreams, we need to consider today as a present(gift). Today will always become a yesterday and so we ought to plan tomorrow today. I do not like to sound cliché, but like they say, ‘when you fail to plan you plan to fail’.

Life is in phases and men are in sizes. I would like to remind you that the phase in which you are in life right now started yesterday. Just like every race, the starting point or distance is not a determinant of the winner. It isn’t how far but how well. Our quest for a better future all starts when the decision to give us a formal education was made. To further realize the proposed future so many of us had no option but to obey the clarion call.

Having spent the over eighteen days here on camp, I have observed some distinct traits present in my fellow Corp members. I stand to be corrected, but I am convinced that we constitute the most energetic, courageous, vibrant, innovative, active, problem-solving, risk-taking, and intellectually alert group of youth in the world. Sowing these traits into our future will bear fruits according to its application.

Most of us who will define our goals and pursue them based on these attributes will relatively be more ambiguous, enthusiastic and promising in future. Unfortunately the contrary will be the case, if these attributes are not channeled in a positive way. The future from this direction could be murderous, rambunctious and anarchic if not criminally minded.

As a matter of fact, the past, present and future work together. They are intertwined aspects that leads to a given outcome. When the future is bright, we have no regrets but when the outcome of our future isn’t satisfactory we look back at our past (yesterday) in regrets, apportion blames and wish we had done the right thing yesterday.

Before a child could run, he started crawling, then moved one step at a time till he was strong enough to run. You must make the decision to start somewhere to get somewhere.

Today is a pillar, yesterday a foundation and tomorrow a roof. Together they become a building. If the foundation or pillar isn’t perfect, the roof would have no base to rest on. No matter how simple the design of the future, it will bring the building crashing down if the past hunts it. And when that happens, the question ‘what happened to my dream’ will be a case of medicine after death.

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