Office Pleasure


I was confused immediately I walked into the office. I had no idea what had gone right or wrong in there before I entered. I remember the door was shut and there was no quick response when I knocked. I also tried to open the door but it was locked. I thought he wasn’t in but someone who had seen him earlier assure me he was in. so I waited, only to hear the door being unlocked. Yes I was confused. The office smelt like something I was conversant with. Yes conversant with it because I had a boyfriend. It was the smell produced from the mixture of semen, vaginal fluid and two sweaty bodies. I took a deep breath to be sure. On the table were used tissues which he forgot to throw into the waste. There was also a girl sitting in his office. She was someone I knew. She couldn’t look at my face when I greeted her. Even the man was looking at his desk. I didn’t need anyone to tell me he just had sex with a student in his office. It wasn’t my business anyway, but shouldn’t he have taken her to a hotel? What if he had a meeting to attend that day, or had a colleague visit him. How on earth did he think the smell would go away without a proper bath? The so called girl was certainly not it. She could attend lectures for the remaining of the day and go about with such a smell till the close of day. What a life I thought?

Well I wasn’t in a position to judge, so I only asked these questions in my mind, as they were just my thoughts. Maybe they couldn’t leave it for some other time. Sometimes the best time to do it is when both parties are in the mood. Anyway, I only went there for an official business and not to give some sex advice.

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