Painting CRUTECH #2

…Lost in thoughts I began painting this picture of CRUTECH.

First impression they say matters, and experience sometimes also a teacher. First day in school and my first contact is with an unfriendly non-academic staff. No doubt appeared matured, but character wise needs some tutelage from the youngest student on campus.  Rather than explain how you should arrange your credentials in their respective files before submission as a fresher he kept shouting, “I will compound your problem”. Quick to anger, he would hiss, frown, grumble, ignore, and insult, making it look as if the institution was a promise land. Anyway, I also thought of the institution as a place similar to heaven, and where I would beat my chest saying I’m a student and could gladly call a higher institution. But my experience with this man made me rethink my position as a student here. Why should it be CRUTECH and not some place like Madonna. In front of me was a very annoying man who some said is the secretary, many others call an office messenger, and some like me don’t even know his position in the faculty. I felt bad at first but as a matter of fact it couldn’t weigh me down. I believed it was my characteristic as a living thing to adapt to whatever environment I find myself. The environment was a repulsive one to behold. The grasses were overgrown, and the few buildings clustered within close range made it seem like a glorified secondary school.

…But that was all when I arrived here.

 As days summed up into week, weeks into month, months into years, so did vast changes roll into the great citadel of learning called CRUTECH. Structures of all kinds have been erected and the grasses on the fields trimmed almost every day to give a green and clean look to the environment. I am a CRUTITE, I love it here, and I have no regrets being a great BLAZER.

…continues here