Painting CRUTECH #3

This place called CRUTECH, has always been my dream institution. The extent of my admiration for the institution drove me into selecting her as a first and second choice during my Unified Tertiary Matriculation Exam (UTME). Some of my relatives who graduated from the institution also assured me that CRUTECH would put smiles on my face and my dreams would be fulfilled in here. Studying Mass Communication has also been the best part of it all. My love for On-Air-Presentation, drama, and modeling has kept me focused and am loving it here.

The first week no doubt was a very stressful one. I had to struggle between completing the necessary faculty registration and attending lectures. I had to ensure the process doesn’t affect my lecture hours. The process was indeed a tiresome one, but I constantly reminded myself why I was here. Unlike what my colleague said in Painting CRUTECH #2, the person in charge of the registration was only being disciplined. I saw his attitude as a strategy to enhance our smartness as a fresher.

I have always pictured the University as a place where freedom is unleashed. From my perspective, it is a place where one can do whatever he or she wishes. Probably this is what is obtainable in most universities but in CRUTECH, it isn’t. The rules, regulations and code of conducts of students on campus are all implemented to the fullest. I was expecting the students especially girls would have the freedom to dress whichever way they want,  or even keep whatever hairstyles or haircuts so desired.

Here in Mass Communication department, I was surprised the first day I met many of the students dressed in white and black. From my enquiry it just happened to be the dress code for the department on Mondays. We are also not allowed to put on sleeveless tops. The department also discourages the boys from keeping beards or dressing shabbily.

The most interesting part of it all is that the lecturers would always endeavor to advise us students. If you ask me, I would say the Cross River University of Technology (CRUTECH), is an institution I don’t regret choosing.