Painting CRUTECH


Deep in thoughts, I began painting my perspective of where I was from where I sat:

It is a different world entirely when you are here. No one cares about what you do with your time here except if it affects someone else. You could pass through it or let it pass through you. You could begin the same time like others, but may not be able to finish with them. Maybe end on the way, or finish late for many reasons. It’s a very influential place. You could either have an influence on the environment or the environment may influence you. Sometimes you could get entangled in a web, get ensnared, or end in a shit hole. It’s a place where you may decide to choose your friends or allow friends choose you. The key to success also lies within your reach, but just like some you could be blind to it. Some blackmail and others get blackmailed. You could cheat and be caught or not. But when you are cheated no one seems to care. You would come across molesters but be careful not to get molested. Also watch out for the lecturers, they could be victimizing at times. In here you could become bad if you were good and become worse if you were bad. Sometimes it could take a beautiful church girl to turn the bad or worse to good. Talking about girls, you would surely see lots of them. They would make you believe the beautiful ones are already born and are now grownups. They are always parading in clothing of all sort be it decent or not. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. They could be huge distraction most times, but sometimes you would need them to have a little fun. To some it’s an opportunity for personal growth, but others choose to be very silly. Some are here to and ready to learn, others feel they already know it all. If you know, then why be here in the first place? The lazy ones depend on their bright friends or pay a colleague to do their work. There is just so much fears, loves and hates in here. There is freedom too but sometimes some overuse the freedom.

Here I was under this big almond tree by the department block. It’s cool to sit here and wait for the next lecturer to arrive. I also love it here because one gets to sit relaxed and the view you get of the environment sends thoughts of what this place is really about. There were many people walking around. Most of them were moving in pairs a boy and a girl. Some were hugging themselves were they stood and others held hands. There were others who also walked in groups. Everyone seemed to be doing one thing or the other. Some moved faster than others probably late to lectures. Some had nothing to do so were obviously site seeing before going home. There were a group of others sitting just by the road on the drainage, close to an ice-cream van. There were also cars parked everywhere in the open spaces and by the road. The place just seemed busy and crowded and I felt I was the only one paying attention to what was going on around me. Beside me was a guy who obviously didn’t come to fool around. He was too glued to a book which was titled “moonlight lady”, and didn’t bother scolding the girl who was aiming stones at an Almond fruit on the tree where we sat. There was another girl who really didn’t care what people would say. She was busy cracking the dried almond nuts on the floor. The environment was so noisy, not just from the people around or those hawking, but majorly from the school generator some distance away. I wonder how people could assimilate with such noise. All the same, its CRUTECH, a large and diverse institution of higher learning, offers technology for human advancement, created to educate for life and for a profession and to grant degrees.

Still making a general picturesque, I heard someone calling out, “guy that Intro. to Mass Comm. man don come”, and I hurried immediately to join him.

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