Recovery of Destiny: Debo Adebayo Expulsion

“Destiny can be delayed but can’t be denied”. The subject destiny is not a strange one. Everybody is set apart to perform one task or the other for the benefit of humanity. One of the problems of humanity is that many people are doing what they are not called to do. From the Christian perspective, destiny is what will make you fulfill the original plan of the Almighty creator in your life. This is what makes discovering of destiny important so as to recover it before it becomes too late.
It takes repentance to recover destiny and for that to be possible, a second chance is always required. Unfortunately not everyone get this opportunity to repent. But like the prodigal son, Debo Adebayo has been given a chance to repent.
Debo Adebayo who happens to be a Theatre student of the Redeemers University of Nigeria, who got expelled for posting something offensive on his Facebook page. The said post on the social media is alleged to be offensive because it portrays the officials in a bad light.
The church is where repentance is preached and held in high esteem. As a university owned by a church, the management has offered Adebayo an opportunity to repent and take advantage of the Recovery of Destiny (ROD) programme.
Obviously, Adebayo isn’t ready to repent judging from his Facebook post after his expulsion. The Theatre Art student accused the management of disliking and denying him his joy after serving the university in different capacities first as social media director and then as President of the student association.
He said, he wrote his final exams, defended his project and was waiting for convocation only for the management to summon him and accused him of saying some things against the university in his social media posts.

From all indications that didn’t sound repentant. But I think it’s okay. In the purported social media post that earned him expulsion, Adedayo reminisce the memory he shared with Prof. Wande Abimbola as against the one he had “under the administration of some so-called Daddy VC and directors of DSSD in some universities.” He neither mentioned the name of the Daddy VC nor the directors’ names.

Anyway the institution has a fair policy. It’s a win-win situation. Adebayo can either decide to leave or take advantage of another programme without applying. Who does that in a government-owned institution where you get expelled and most times going back to school elsewhere in the country is a problem. Unlike what Adebayo has done to cause his expulsion, in other universities it would have been an issue of cult activities, malpractices and other academic misconducts.
The Recovery of Destiny programme is what many of Adebayo’s counterparts all over the country would have wanted. “At-all At-all, na him bad pass”
Below are screenshots of the expulsion letter and purported post.

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