Renounced The World

I have renounced the world
Just so I can spend time with you
Cos you take away every ado
And bring into reality my dream world

I am till eternity yours only
To walk with you in every lifetime
To be one with you in my prime
And till old age never feel lonely

I am in love with you and it is real
The kind of love willing to last long
For even in my weakness it is made strong
And commands power quick to heal

I love you a great deal
For I will always compose you a sweet song
Even try not to offend or do you wrong
And in my imperfection do that which is ideal

I will love you in dawn and twilight
Cos I believe in you I would find comfort
And with you I will never get hurt
That is why I hold you tight

I will on my knees always pray for one thing
That come rain or shine I will never leave your side
For I believe in you only I can confide
And you alone my soul and body should cling

I wish my prayers are never unanswered
And you will always be my love and desire
And my wanting more of you will never retire
Neither will I be self-centered

Insults no doubt will be hurled
And friends for sure will despise me for it
But with all these I will never quit
For of a truth I have renounced the world

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