Riding With Love

You do not need to be a cowboy or horseman to ride with love. But before you mount your horse, it is pertinent to have in mind a destination. Is that destination a true desire or just an act of joining the crowd because you can’t beat them (crowd)? Is your heart set on embarking the journey come what may, be it rough and thorny?
To the world Valentine’s Day is a special day. And I guess that applies to you too. Some will always remember this day for good, and others will curse and wish there was no such day. On this day many give up their moral values, others get disappointed for their absolute loyalty and commitment, some left heart-broken, there are mistakes made and in a long time leaves regrets and bitterness, and just a few would commit into doing the right thing.

What’s Valentine? Why Valentine? Is this day (Valentine’s Day) also special to you? What makes it special?

While you try to answer the above questions, let’s talk about the best Val you should have this year. To many their Val is what makes the day very special. It usually is and has to be someone they love. Someone they can show feelings of love, affection and friendship. It is someone who also loves them in return, who is also a friend and shows feeling of affection. So many are deceived this day. “The human heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is?”- Jer.17:9. It is a day many are deceived by the word love and the result most times unwanted pregnancies, heartbreaks, and death (suicide). All these wouldn’t be the case if we have the right and best Val. So who could this best Val be?…

Valentine’s Day – February 14 was set aside as a result of the price someone paid not for self-love but so that others could spend their lives together. Rather than being so concerned about your relationship, why not take part or exercise an act of love to people out there who have no one to stand up or speak for them. They have no friends or family, and nobody to show them any bit of affection or love. We have 365 days in a year with our friends and loved ones. Would it be wrong not to show love on February 14 to them? Why don’t you show love to others around us. It doesn’t really have to be about giving gifts or feeding them. Standing for the voiceless for a day wouldn’t be too much. As a matter of fact, it would save you all the troubles and sadness and regrets of a lifetime.
…Back to the question, who could be your best Val? Or who is your Val this Valentine?

Having the right and best Val, you will have no heart-break, rejection, sad moment or regret. We are commanded to love one another and not just those we are in an intimate relationship with or acquainted with or of the same family tie. With the right Val, self-love wouldn’t come first. You will want to show love to those who won’t love you in return. Your love for them will only attract them to your Val. Having the right Val is having love itself, for God is love. Choose to ride with Him and be rest assured to scale through the rough and thorny paths (temptations). Endeavour to ride with God and every other day would be a valentine.

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