Simplifying Life

One month and four days since I got here and I’ve realized that life can be so simple. Surely one does not know if he or she can achieve success or do well in a given task except they partake in it. As our faces are different so are our problems, but just when we try to look like someone else, we get the problem compounded. When our perception of life is made complex, we begin to think life is complex. Life surely gets everyone confused all the time. And most of the time in simplifying life, it only gets more difficult like simplifying an equation. But the truth no doubt is that life is still easy and not all the time perplexing as we paint it to be.

Most times we worry too much that the easy way out of a difficult situation becomes a difficult one. The solution and answer to a particular problem would always be staring at us but because we are not ready to solve it or fear that we may not be able to solve it, we try to copy or ask others for solution. We look up to the wrong people. But one funny thing I am yet to understand is why we take it hard on ourselves when the solution from others doesn’t solve the problem? We allow our minds to be disillusioned by negative external influences. We hesitate and question our instincts. In some cases these problems cause us to stumble and fall, but rather than solving the problems that caused us to fall, we tend to avoid it all together.

Sometimes the reasons most of us have as to why we take certain actions, shows that life is only hard on us because we made it so. Taking part in the blame game by holding grudges doesn’t reverse any deed or proffer any solution. Drinking alcohol when there is a problem will only numb our wounds for some time but it doesn’t suggest the way out either. Working late nights or extra hours to avoid unresolved conflicts with someone doesn’t help either. We could go out and have the best fun ever, and drink all the wine we can lay hands on just to make ourselves feel better, but the problem still lies in wait for us. All efforts made to escape solving a problem or taking responsibilities, only make our lives harder and harder, and making it a habit is the reason why many of us lose touch with who we really are and what we really need.

Our perception to life is what really matters because it is what makes life simple. Our life can only be simple if we take things simple. For as long as there is life, there is hope. Believing that if today isn’t the way we want it, tomorrow will be; or maybe next tomorrow or the day after.

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