Sticking It In, Pulling It Out

… Trusting someone especially your spouse or a family member isn’t a bad idea, but sometimes it could end very disappointing and heartbreaking.


Ignoring the screams from me begging him to stop, he did it without any regret. He stuck it in and pulled it out. I kept begging him to stop but he continued sticking it in and pulling it out, with all his strength. I remained naked on the bed, bewildered at what he had done and not knowing what to do.

Chris and I had just moved in to a new apartment in Lagos after our wedding. We were no doubt a perfect match and were so much in love with each other. We met while in the University but were only friends then. After our university education we both went our separate ways without the intention of seeing each other again. Just as they say, this world is indeed a small place. Four years after we had last seen each other, I ran into him on my way to a wedding. Actually he was the one who ran into me with his car but didn’t kill me anyway. It also happened that he was also going for the same wedding and we were both in a hurry to meet up. We did a lot of catching up that day and that was how our relationship started till we had emotions kindled and then finally tied the knots.

As much as I knew Chris, there was one person I knew he trusted so much aside me his wife. He trusted his younger brother Sam so much that most times it scares me. A week after we moved to our new apartment, Chris had told me that he would love for his brother to come stay with us for some time so he could do some job hunting. The idea to me wasn’t a welcome one, and for the sake of pleasing his wife and not to spoil our honeymoon, he dropped the issue. Chris worked with a pharmaceutical industry and was always out working on weekdays from 8pm till 5pm, while I was a website manager who went out when necessary. My kind of job gave me opportunity to work from home and also play my role as wife and this pleased Chris. All was going well for us and I was very comfortable and happy with my home until two months later when we had a visitor.

It was on a weekend and Chris was home that day. While we were about having breakfast, the doorbell rang and Chris got up to answer it while I ran to our bedroom to put on something. To our greatest surprise it was Sam, my brother-in-law. Neither I nor my husband knew he was coming. He had arrived in Lagos very late the previous night and had to sleep in the park, only to appear in our house that morning. He was so famished that he couldn’t wait to be invited to the dining talk less of having a bath. Though we weren’t expecting him, we gave him a warm welcome and prepared a room for him. When my husband asked why he didn’t call to tell us he was coming, his reply was that he couldn’t wait for us to invite him and that he was invited for an interview in a firm which he applied online.

Everything felt different for me that weekend. It wasn’t like other weekends where I walked around the house half naked. After some love making on Friday night, I was used to moving around on Saturday morning wearing my husband’s shirt un-buttoned and maybe my underpants if I cared. This was how I was dressed the morning Sam arrived which was why I ran to put on something. His arrival changed everything. The romantic and sexy acts I put up were now only possible in the bedroom. I couldn’t seduce my husband anywhere I wanted except the bedroom. I couldn’t walk freely in my house without clothes anymore. Unlike in the past when I stayed home all day alone, I now had someone at home with me. I felt insecure with the new development. Though he was someone my husband trusted but I didn’t. Chris is the only man I have come across that respected women. Judging from my past experiences, I was never okay with Sam around. I barely even knew him.

After several interviews without being accepted, Sam got frustrated and stopped trying. He decided to stay home all day watching television. I hate to sound cliché, but as they say, “an idle mind is the devils workshop”. At first he started being nice to me. He was always doing the dishes and taking out the trash. He didn’t want me to clean the house or even boil water for myself. It got a point he would insist he goes to the market. I wasn’t a kid so I knew where he was driving at. I was just playing along like I didn’t know what he was up to. Finally he took the step of making advances towards me. He tried to talk me into sex and sometimes wanted to force me. This was someone my husband trusted. I didn’t really know if to discuss his behavior with my husband or not. It would definitely put him in a sort of dilemma because he trusted him and trusted me too. But from another view point, my husband might think am lying because I never wanted him to stay with us in the first instance. I brought up the issue one night but just as I had predicted he said I should give his brother some more time to find a job, and then he will leave. I thought this sex drive of Sam wouldn’t linger for long if I didn’t allow him have his way, but he just continued. I was living in fear in my own house two months into marriage. I devised a means of eating before my husband left for work and would lock myself in our bedroom.

One morning I noticed the key to our bedroom wasn’t in the lock. I asked Chris but he said he had not seen any key. I was busy looking for the key that I didn’t have my bath before he left. After I had seen him off to the car, I came back to the bedroom and went straight into the bathroom. While I was having my bath, I heard a phone ring but it didn’t sound like mine. It rang again and I recognized it was my husband’s phone. He must have forgotten one his phones and probably would be coming to get it. I walked out of the bathroom naked only to see someone standing in the room. He was smiling and waving the key I was looking for. I had forgotten the door wasn’t locked as usual and that I had a crazy brother-in-law in the house. Finally he had seen me unclad. I rushed to cover myself with the sheets as I screamed at him to leave the room. He rushed towards me like hen after worm. I struggled with him as he tried forcing himself on me. I screamed for help but obviously no one could hear me. After much struggling, I got week, closed my eyes and gave up the struggle for him to have his way.

Ignoring the screams from me begging him to stop, he did it without any regret. He stuck it in and pulled it out. I kept begging him to stop but he continued sticking it in and pulling it out, with all his strength. I remained naked on the bed, bewildered at what he had done and not knowing what to do. It was Chris my husband who had not just only rescued me at the last moment I had given up, but had just left his brother blind. He had pulled him away from me the minute I closed my eyes and in anger picked up the keys Sam left on the bed and before me was sticking it into his brother’s eyes and pulling it out.


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