Take Heed Fellow Corpers

The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here. It’s going to be our last night staying here. By the time we get our posting letters tomorrow, the camp will be rowdy as a result of everyone trying to find their way to their respective PPA. It would be a moment when we will have to make new friends that have common PPAs with us.

Irrespective of the situation, it shouldn’t be a period to panic. From the moment we get that letter of posting, we ought to take a new leave. It is expected of us to come back to our senses and think like graduates. The fun I’m n the camp should stay in the camp.

The service year is the period you need to apply all you have learnt during your three weeks orientation course. It is never a time to joke with our lives. We need to be careful where we go to at every point in n time. It is a period we need to take advantage of. Not to be mischievous or looking for shortcuts to success but to harness every opportunity that comes our way.

As a matter of fact, service and humility should not just be our motto but what we look forward into achieving on daily basis. We should strive to add positive values to our lives and humanity at large. We should also learn to be contented with what we have. As for the female folks, please do not be quick at jumping into flashy rides. Ensure you act with caution. Not all lifts should be accepted. Learning self content would save you a great deal.

Finally, let’s not allow our one year be a waste. I wish you all a fruitful service year and Merry Xmas in advance.