The Fear of Ekpo-Abasi


Imagine a blast go before you, boisterous as thunder and brisk as lightning. What’s more, it hits like a speeding train. The injury tears through the skin, uncovering tissue, ligament, muscle and if closer to the chest uncovers the rib cage, lung, and also heart. The feeling is like going through hell and back if you survive one. But the best way to survive is to avoid getting hit by one of those bullets in motion.

First you should never assume it’s some other sound. Any clear identifiable sound nearby could be it. Duck! Ought to be your first move, then immediately make yourself into a smaller target. Duck, and then shut the door if you happen to be in your home. Like some you could silent or put off you phone then hide it alongside other important gadgets. The Harpaxophobia adrenaline may get triggered. Shortness in breath experienced the sound of rapid breathing heard, followed by heart palpitations and excessive sweating. Hearing your neighbour beg for his life makes you feel powerless even with the protector iron gates shut with a massive padlock.  As you listen to your confused neighbour who is unable to articulate clearly, you start shaking and become unfocused. You may even experience extreme anxiety and dread. The experience altogether is very terrifying.

Having such experience, you go to great lengths every day to prevent being a victim. You will always lock your home and constantly check and recheck locks to a degree that it turns into an obsession. You will decline to venture out of your home after dark or go to desolate spots for the dread of being attacked or robbed. Your phobia then prompts consistent weakness as it makes you believe you need to be vigilant all the time. You are constantly cautious and never relax, but sincerely you know it’s a tiring experience for you.

Unfortunately it is the situation we find ourselves here. The Ekpo-Abasi and Anantigha axis  of Calabar South is where we you get to hear sounds produced from firearms not belonging to the Armed Forces. No one wishes to be a victim but as students we need to be careful how we move about. Treading with caution is just the little we can do, and the protection of our lives is what we should believe and ask God for.


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