The Khaki and Social Media

Many get carried away by the enthusiasm and exuberance the khaki uniform commands. As a ceremonial dress, it brings a kind of obsession. An obsession that drives Corp members into filling the pages of our different social media platforms with photos taken in diverse poses including the kind you least expected.


It is fast becoming a trend and to some extent a normal thing every corper should do. Since no one wants to be left out, taking of selfies has become rampant and as a result we have the social media especially Facebook, littered with photos of Corp members serving in different locations of the country.


But how different would people act if they couldn’t show off on social media? Would they still take selfies the way they do? Imagine a world without the social media. Friends and family members having to wait till they meet with you to see the photos. Many far away wouldn’t even know you have gone for the NYSC scheme. The view of the uniform on social media is very picturesque. As a matter of fact, it is an experience worth sharing.