Through Death


Left to lurch in my struggle
I became like a tennis ball
Caught between desperate rackets
Tossed and turned through thickets
I was forced to brawl
As thoughts in my mind juggle

My darkest day had come
Oblivion, that which I could only see
It was a lonely struggle for survival
A struggle with no rival
I continued in my passionate plea
Even though the world seemed numb

My outcry grew silent
And I feared the end was here
And had to give up on life
In preparation for the afterlife
For breath began to disappear
And death was what seems apparent

In death I could hear the wind sigh
I heard birds chirping and fluttering
Cattles were uprooting and chewing dry grass
Sounds from people walking through a morass
At distance some fishermen muttering
And a baby that did nothing but cry

How would father receive this news?
Who would break it to mother?
Indeed it would be great misgiving
That a son no longer walks among the living
A great loss to sister and brother
And to friends a painful bruise

Awakened from my sorrowful transit
Was a tight grip from a friend
Behold the time was not yet
And like fish caught in net
I got saved that weekend
Victory over death I must admit

I laid like a crack head
Like one that smoked all the dopes man’s stash
Having stomach and brain filled with water
I moved like an overfed otter
And with my heart no longer in thrash
I realized I wasn’t dead

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