Till Death Do Us Part #2


…hope you didn’t finish that bottle of drink from the first part of this story? Well if you did just grab another and have a good time because it get’s more exciting here. Enjoy!


At a point he started yawning and then came the lead I had been waiting for. “I hope it’s okay if I sleep on the couch” he asked. Not exactly how I had wanted him to ask anyway but I responded. You’ve had a stressful day, I replied. Sleeping on the couch would strain your neck. Why not make yourself comfortable in my room, I said smiling. He asked me where I will sleep if he slept in my room and I told him I would do fine in the living room. Besides he was my visitor and it is my duty to make his stay relaxing. He refused pointing out that he wouldn’t be happy to make me uncomfortable in my house. Invading my privacy was enough and he wouldn’t want to take away my bed also.

After much argument, I had to open up to him that there were actually two rooms and he could stay in the other. He was pleased and I showed him the way as I watched him go in. I sat in the living room crafting a means out. I touched my clit and behold I was damn wet even without a touch from him. After about ten minutes I got up and went into his room hoping he had fallen asleep. Seeing he was still awake I told him I wanted to know if he wanted anything. He replied no and I left and went back to my room and couldn’t sit nor lie. My wet clits was calling for some touch and I couldn’t rest until I see it satisfied.

Twenty minutes later, I went back to the room. This time I had made up my mind that if he was still awake I would tell him I had a night mare, woke up scared and couldn’t sleep alone in my room. Anyway, as I got to his room, he was already asleep. I locked the door and hid the key. I got myself into the bed and started touching him in all the sensitive places till the point when he woke up and jumped from the bed like he had seen an evil spirit.

 “Blood of Jesus”, he screamed, as if he didn’t recognize me. What are you doing he asked? I walked towards him and tried to touch him but he moved backward. He started his sermons of fornication and pre-marital sex and how we had just one week to do whatever we pleased. I got pissed and asked him what he was doing in my house if he believed that we had to wait till we get married. It got him angry and he tried to leave the room only to discover the door was locked. This would be fun I assured him. To him it wasn’t fun but fornication.

I have been friends with bad girls and I’ve heard them boast about how a man couldn’t resist their body when they go naked. While he was busy searching for the key, I let go off my robe and stood naked in front of him. “Oh my… Oh my what I interrupted him. He tried looking away but couldn’t for long. I advanced towards him and he was shivering where he stood. “Oyin you have killed me” was the only thing he kept repeating. I took his hands and placed it on my breast as I reached for his manhood. I expected him to push me away but he was so scared like a baby.

Oyin please don’t do this. Don’t do what Bayo I asked. I asked him if he knew what I was doing but he nodded in disapproval. “Okay I will take it easy on you” I said, as I held his hand to the bed. He was sweating and I could see fear in his innocent eyes. I helped him remove his robe and the shorts he was putting on. I thought his manhood wouldn’t be active but it took me by surprise. Before me was a perfect erection I wasn’t expecting. I pushed him down the bed and crawled slowly towards him.

He couldn’t bring himself to looking at me. But that didn’t bother me. I wasn’t even interested in kissing; all I wanted was to feel his manhood growing towards my intestine. I sat on him, slowly slid his manhood into my clit and as I tilted he closed his eyes and folded his hand. He felt helpless and just kept saying “Oyin you have killed me”, but I kept gliding and made sure I was having a good time. It took a long time for him to spill any semen and I was glad he didn’t cum quick.

I had gotten confirmation as to whether my husband-to-be in a week time was very active. After the first round I didn’t feel like letting him rest. I wanted more. I enjoyed the first and wanted us to go another round. He still didn’t want to but I forced him. This time I dragged him to the stool by the dressing table. I wanted to take his breath away this time. I slowly slid down unto him, breathing in and breathing out without kissing. No touching this time but just a feel of him inside me, growing bigger and bigger. Contracting the muscle of my clit slowly and without moving, I made love to him and all I could hear him say was still please stop.

I felt his breathing had slowed down but I couldn’t stop, not when I had not cum. I began gliding at a faster pace, holding his hands against my breast just so I could cum. I was so focused and didn’t know when Bayo’s breathe ceased. I realized he wasn’t making any sound after I had cum. At first I thought he had fallen asleep. But I asked myself how possible that was. I went into the bathroom, cleaned up and came back to wake him up.

I called Bayo severally he didn’t respond. I even held his manhood and shook it but still no respond. The manhood wasn’t even erect anymore. I raised his hand and the way it dropped got me worried. I checked for his pulse but didn’t feel any. ‘I have killed Bayo’, I muffled. I sat on the floor confused and not knowing what to do next. I had given myself the sexual satisfaction I wanted but wouldn’t be able to give myself a husband. I thought about what I would say went wrong.

I looked at the wall clock and it was some minutes to two. There was a car parked some distance away on the road and the owner happens to be in my house. Well not just in my house but dead. Who would believe he walked down here. It’s just like he was abducted. I sat on the floor trying to imagine what the story would be. I couldn’t hold back the tears but just allowed them to roll down my cheeks freely. Probably it was a sexual exploit that went out of control in the process? It went from fun into tragedy.

…Now that’s the story I’ve just told.

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