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…For me, it is best never to let a girl fall for you or give her the impression you love her when actually you are not ready for any form of commitment. In other words, why stop the vehicle for her if you won’t give her a lift? Do not sow a seed you don’t like its fruit. Let me not give the story away just yet, read on!

They had not seen each other for over two years since one of them left for the University. Julia left and didn’t return home until a year after Bruno too had left for school. Both knew they had feelings growing deep for each other right from the first day they met.  It was Bruno’s friend who introduced Julia to him and they saw themselves just that once and exchanged contacts.

They kept the relationship at a level of friends with no benefit. The relationship was all about “Hi’ and Hello on social media and some minutes phone calls to hear the other person’s voice. The more they communicated, the more they had emotions running deep.

It was their intention to see each other again, but unfortunately, there were many reasons they couldn’t. Julia was schooling close to home at the outskirts of the country and Bruno was schooling in the country but far away and didn’t like coming home because of the long journey on the bad roads. They likewise didn’t have holiday breaks the same period.

After Bruno’s first year in the university, these two love birds were given a chance to meet with each other and define their relationships. Bruno’s university was on strike and Julia happened to be on break at that time. Without any form of hesitation, Bruno who didn’t like travelling home journeyed back home for the first time since He left, to meet with Julia.

It was going to be their second meeting since they met. They have waited for this day to come and hoped to make the most out of it. Bruno got home very late the day he journeyed back home and so couldn’t wait to hang out the next day with Julia. He called her immediately he woke up the following day to find out when they could meet and Julia suggested at dusk. Bruno tried to explain to her about his parent’s disapproval on staying out late but she insisted it must be at night fall. Bruno had no choice but to agree.

Probably Bruno didn’t imagine or phantom how the night with Julia would be. Maybe he had no plans on what to do or what to say after two years of not seeing her. Perhaps it was Julia who had so many surprises hidden up her sleeves. She expected too much from Bruno I guess. For her, it wasn’t just about seeing Bruno’s face but much more.

It was also his first time knowing where Julia lives but when asked to come in he refused and opted to stay outside. He surely had heard stories of what the parents of some girls did to boys who came looking for their daughters. He wouldn’t have wanted any problem for going into the house at such an hour with Julia. For Julia it was cool with her, but Bruno said it was cooler staying outside. Besides it was late and he wouldn’t stay too long.

The two talked for long, narrated each other’s experience in the University and all the romantic conversations they had had for the past two years. It was time to go and Julia had to see him off. On getting to the point where they would separate from each other, Julia in a soft little angelic shy voice asked for a hug from Bruno before he could go, but to her greatest surprise he refused and when asked why said he doesn’t hug girls.

What? Julia was surprised and at the same time confused. She felt ashamed for asking. It was as if she was dreaming and didn’t know what exactly to say next. She couldn’t move an inch from where she was standing as she watched Bruno leave with just a wave of goodbye. At that moment there was a great influx of thoughts.

What kind of guy would turn down such a request after two years? Most guys wouldn’t even wait for Julia to ask before giving her a big tight one. But in Bruno’s case he had this angel with a great figure 8 that starts with a firm medium-sized protruding breast and ends with a backside that could pose for an anaconda. She stood in front of him with a transparent sleeveless top obviously showing she had no bras on and politely asked for a hug but Bruno refused. Was he shy or what? It would have been their first hug and maybe resulted to their first kiss. But he wasn’t smart enough. He wasn’t that sharp guy that would have taken advantage of such an opportunity.

This was a girl who whenever she was home for holiday would call to know if Bruno came home. She would always say “I wanted to know if you are around so we could hang out and have some fun”. She couldn’t stay one more day in school when she was on break. And she would stay at home a week more after the resumption date, just in case Bruno would surface.

Bruno didn’t know the extent of damage he had caused to their relationship that night. He had hurt the feelings of someone without knowing. First he was assured no one will sight him if he comes into her room and he refused. Next it was a simple hug from a bra-less angel and he said no with a dumb reason of not used to hugging the opposite sex.

If it were to be in a Nollywood movie that Bruno saw this kind of thing, he would surely have rained abuses on the actor. “So you go spend 12k just to come see her face, no hug or kiss, she even tell you to come inside her room and you say no”. This would have been one of his comments. But what if Bruno didn’t know what he wanted or was just doing ‘shakara’? Or can’t guys form too?

It was obvious something had gone wrong that night. Julia didn’t call or message Bruno. Bruno on the other hand realized what he had done when he got home. He had no courage to call Julia and they both went to bed that night without saying goodnight like they usually did.

Julia didn’t wait till the last day of her break to return back to school. After some months the strike was called off and Bruno too returned to school. After some months they decided to move on like nothing had really happened. But it was sure hard for Julia to forget how Bruno made her look cheap by turning her down. After their graduation, Julia moved to stay with a relative and Bruno returned home ready to make amends. This time he had imagined how he would make the night a rendezvous Julia would never forget in a hurry.

Unfortunately, it’s been over a year now Bruno have been at home, but Julia has refused to come back home. She hardly calls and when Bruno does she tells him she is busy at the moment. She waits until Bruno says hi or hello on social media before she says anything. And when He tries to be romantic or to arouse her like he normally did, she just goes offline without a word.

Obviously things have changed. Bruno had killed her feelings for him. He still feels guilty for turning down an innocent hug from an innocent girl. Maybe it wasn’t his fault either. If that was the problem, she should have discussed it with him don’t you think? I am sure Bruno has learnt his lesson anyway. “Never to turn down such requests from someone you love”. They were obviously living in a fantasy of love at first sight, and expected too much. Even if they weren’t meant to be and had no future together, at least it would have been in his record that something happened between him and Julia. Who knows what would have happened in her room if he had gone in. Not even a kiss from her. Nothing!

…many would say Bruno fucked up that night. What if he was only being a gentle man who wanted to take things easy and give her some respect? Whatever the case, ‘be ready’, do not start what you can’t finish.

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