I just hate it when they form. They call it “hard-to-get”, not knowing it is also torture to us. They like you and want to be with you, but because you are the guy, you must make the move. They make you go through hell just to be yours and you theirs. They think you can’t do without them, like they are the only ones endowed with some “ogbanje” kind of beauty.  Finally she finally agrees to go out with, but doesn’t want to give all to you. She makes you go through the most hellish torture just to get laid. After some time she succumbs and lets you have your way. But instead of making the first time a rendezvous of many rounds to remember, you give her a kind of torture only an impotent guy would show. She becomes too damn aroused, wet and all out to give it to from any angle you so desire. You help her get naked as she hastily takes off your clothes. You are both unclad on the bed as she waits for you to reach for a condom. But then you pick up the wallet you kept on a newspaper by the bedside drawer, you then keep the wallet aside, while you pick the newspaper and start reading it. It’s now the guys turn to unleash some torture as payback.

First it will seem like a surprise; not even seem like, but a surprise because they make guys feel it is them who love getting laid. At this point you would realize that what Iyanya said in his song-Away, “Asok akami iso nte usu maga mkpo de”, is a simple truth. The one with some small pride in her will not ask you what happened. She will get angry, but angry for what reason. Sister why get angry na? You should be happy he is not doing it again. Or where you not the one telling him you don’t want it, until you get married. Now he is not interested and because you are all wet and set for some drills, it’s like you want to go crazy upstairs.

Truly, they are always carrying faces like they don’t like that thing, but give it to them in a roman style and they will always want to know if they can come and prepare you Afang soup.

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