Truth Be Told: Let CAN Christianize Nigeria

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) seems to be a confused organization that is yet to come to terms with their responsibilities. Somebody recently called them Noise makers. Imagine CAN telling us that Muslim want to Islamize Nigeria just because they are giving free interest loan, free education. Why we the Christian can’t afford the schools provided by them. Please help me tell CAN to Christianize Nigeria by opening interest free bank, free education, and reduction of their university fee to 20,000 per semester. Tell CAN to start free distribution of Bibles all over Nigerian cities and villages. Tell CAN to abolish paying money before seeing a G.O, Tell CAN to form and register a political party as it is done In Germany. Ask CAN where were they when Muslim started conducting white wedding, Ask CAN if they were sleeping When Muslim started conducting Night vigils every Friday more than 10years ago, opened up camp ground for their crusade. Ask CAN where were they when their sons and daughters in various offices are being used to bring anti-Christian policies, or was it not a Christian who was used to sack all G.Os recently. Was it not a Christian who chaired the merger of CRK/civil education? Please tell CAN to Christianize Nigeria!! Tell them to give Nigerians a better LIFE. Tell CAN four of their Pentecostal churches alone can establish MEGA BANK. No, they won’t do that, their priorities are Competition of Jet acquisition, mega Cathedral, palatial domain. Ask CAN what is preventing them from establishing industries and Farms to Christianize West Africa. Tell CAN to start Formulating a new strategy to Christianize Africa. Tell CAN to stop talking and doing the same things the OLD way. Enough of traditions. We need a RADICAL Change. Blessed be the LORD JESUS CHRIST. May His suffering on the Cross Never be in vain over Nigerian Christians. Please Post this until it get to CAN, PFN and other Christian Leaders in Our Land… God Bless you too for supporting the truth.

Above is a broadcast message I received from a contact on WhatsApp some days ago. The message no doubt states some fact which might get some Christians angry. As a matter of fact, leaders of many churches would get this message and rather than look for ways to change these views, would ignore it or even refer to it as a strategy by the Muslims indirectly insulting or mocking Christians. But on the contrary and from my end, this should be a sermon for church services. Leaders of churches ought to prepare their messages in reflection of this broadcast. I know am not a religious expert to suggest what should be preached, so let me just talk about something else. The broadcast has said it all, but I still got one or two to add.

The church seem to have forgotten it responsibilities especially that which it owes the society. The religious bodies have forgotten the essence of why they exist. All they want from Christians is for you to be committed and devoted. They admonish that you must serve God in all sincerity for him to bless you. There would be prophecies that God would open doors for you and send helpers your way. But they themselves have refused to be a blessing to the needy among them. Why would a denomination have a school and tell people to pray to God for money to give their child an education.  Will God make education free for a Christian, or will He reduce the fees?

They preach that idleness is a sin. They tell you that he that does not work should not eat. Ask them how many industries they have built in other to employ their members. Ask them how many they have empowered to be entrepreneurs. Empowerment isn’t just about organizing workshops and seminars. What about the startup capital. They have lands that could be given to young people interested in farming. Even they themselves can engage in mechanized farming at a commercial level to help feed the society. But they won’t do all these things. They just sit back and wait for the government. What about better health care facilities? Churches can build better hospitals than the government-owned ones which they criticize.

CAN has been too busy observing, reviewing and criticizing what some other religion is doing. They are against the policies governing this country but they do not want to take part in policy formulation. They have refused to do what is necessary, which is not minding what other religions around them does. They never see the good in anything that comes from someone who isn’t a Christian. The message above should be a motivator for Christians to act. It’s time Christians stop the blame game. Let them not blame the government for poverty, hardship, hunger, unemployment, etc. Let them stop waiting for the government to give the society a better life when they can do that.

Some of these denominations are trying their best anyway, but the attitude of others makes it appear as if nothing is happening. The Synagogue Church of all Nations for example is committed to giving. They have identified one problem which is feeding, but since they started giving no other church has joined them. You won’t expect them to feed the whole nation. Isn’t it embarrassing for a beneficiary of the Emmanuel Crew to say on television that she attends RCCG but they do not care whether she has food on her table?

The bottom line on this issue is that lets not have people fast and pray for jobs when no one anywhere is creating jobs and when we can give them what to do. You are indirectly starving them or helping them save food. You would agree with me that no matter the anointing a G.O. of a church has, he will not wait for God to take food into his mouth before eating. God will not leave his throne to do the physical or material things which we can do for ourselves.

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