Unplanned Academic Breaks


Imagine an athlete in a 400m race who is about midway and is halted suddenly. The impact can be huge and extremely devastating.  It would take him time to recover his speed when he continues the race. There would surely be decline in the quality of performance that would be exhibited. This happens to be the plight of most of these students I saw.

Yesterday, I watched as students from the Cross River University of Technology CRUTECH, protest in front of the school gate by blocking all vehicles from going in or out of the university through the main gate. As I watched the event from a distance, I had a renewed sense of clarity about my position as graduate of the institution. The students were exercising their collective will to make a statement about their beliefs and feelings.

At the point when a strike is started by the work force, it is constantly known to be a wild fight between the employer and the employees; the government and the association under which the workers are members. The grace which faces agony at whichever point these two elephants conflict is the understudies who are directly at the receiving end of the imbroglio. In this manner leaving a few harms on the understudies at whatever point such happens.

The students of the institution led by the Student Union Government (SUG) President, Francis Osang Diwa, were able to control movement of staff of the institution for more than three hours. The heavy down pour couldn’t even discourage or dissuade their actions. No good student would be happy with the current decision reached by CRUTECH’s branch of Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), especially one month after returning from a national strike. The fact that the institution has not been able to complete one academic year in one calendar year makes it a sad one for the students.

Strike incorporates time wastage and superfluous deferrals. The most disheartening part of the strike activity at times is that the motivation behind why it is being started isn’t generally justified, despite all the trouble. Along these lines, prompting a battered academic calendar. A battered academic calendar that brings forth the contracting of activities in order to meet the set target for that session when the strike is suspended. This influences the students’ unfavorably in terms of their performance in assessments and exams since they never expected such changes.

In comparison with an athlete interrupted halfway into a race, the abrupt interruption makes a student lose concentration, resulting in poor academic performance. Generally, the resultant effect of these unplanned breaks/ panacea called strike is usually psychological.

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