With Avid Comes Great Success

Have you ever wondered why it seems as if things are not working the way it should?

In your business as an entrepreneur, you work like an elephant but eat like an ant. You get to your place of business as early as 7am and close late in the night, repeating the same routine everyday despite having no huge profits.

As an employee, you seem to be working harder than every other employee but yet no promotion or increase in what you earn. Probably, it happens to be your dream job but you are yet to achieve something tangible with it for yourself.

As a blogger or writer, you seem not to have gotten there yet after spending so much time and effort on varieties of reading matters. Despite the consistency and devotion, your efforts seem not to have paid off and you are afraid discouragement may set in.

As a farmer you put in so much in cultivating, but on the long run output is low. The next planting season you still go back to cultivate despite the fact that output was low the previous year. You invest your time and resources into the piece of land believing that you would have a bountiful harvest when due.

Whatever it is you have found yourself doing, Avid should also be involved. Avid would encourage you not to stop working.

Avid Is The Answer

Yes, the answer to whatever difficulty you are facing is Avid. You must have heard about Avid but you don’t take it very important. As a matter of fact, we hear avid every day. Some of us make it habitual and many don’t give a damn about it. Sometimes we act it, at times we try to practice it, and most times we think it doesn’t matter or have anything to do with our success and achievements. But tell you what, Avid really matters after all.

Young people in recent times seem not to realize the importance of avid in achieving an enduring success. We just want to get there fast. We look for the short cuts to success at every point of our lives. Fortunately enough, avid never runs dry. It lies in wait for anyone who cares to use it. It is ever present in abundance. It’s like a sign post, always there but only those in need of direction would look upon it.

All over the world, avid is known in different forms to everyone. We all call it to fit into the context which we find ourselves. It’s a programme we take part in when failure stares at us in the face. We only remember it when all hope seems lost and we need a head way out of the situation. Many only realize how much it means when all they have worked for comes crumbling at their feet. Some rely on it only for a short period and when things seem to be going well they feel relaxed and forget about it. One thing is for sure, no matter how we use it, take part in it, practice it, act it, express it or depend on it; it doesn’t change avid from being avid.

What Then Is This Avid

Avid means just one thing…

Avid is that which makes you work towards your goal. Avid tells you not to give up along the way. Avid supports you when the journey seems tough. Avid gives you a reason to reach further. Avid tells you to try harder. Avid suggest ways out of confusion. Avid makes you creative. Avid drives your thinking towards positivity. Avid makes things go right. Avid only focuses on the gains and not pains. Avid makes you take risk. Avid is the reason a farmer would go to his farm the next farming season even after a low output the previous year. Avid is the reason a business man would spend all day in his shop trying to makes ends meet. Avid is the reason people blog. Avid is what keeps a student up at night to prepare for a test or exam. Avid is what sustain marriages. Avid makes relationships rather than mar them. Avid my dear friend is everything.

Avid is what made you read this piece to this point. Still wondering what Avid is? Then read on…

Avid can be replaced with many words but I chose not to use any to see how much an avid reader you are.  Getting to this point sure makes you an avid reader.

Avid means: keen, eager, enthusiastic, ardent, passionate, devoted, fervent, fervid, zealous, fanatical, voracious, insatiable, dedicated, desirous, and the likes.

Now you see you knew Avid all along, and one way or the other you have been involved with it.

Reading this made you my Avid friend.



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